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yes, please.


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happily ever after?


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Oil and Water

Very cool, one of a kind screen printed posters made with oil from the BP oil spill by British designer Anthony Burrill.  Purchase Here

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Dead Projects

I found these on my hard drive today. They were a mock up for an idea for a text project for my Photo Studio class. I ended up going in a totally different direction, but I hate when things come to “die” on my hard drive. I figured a blog was a much better place for them to rest in peace…

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Miranda July.

I’ve had a girl crush on Miranda July for quite some time now so I figured since I’m new to this blogging thing I’d steal some of her work she recently blogged.

I love how simple and quirky her work is!

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I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but I was worried I would never have time to update it since I barely have time to sleep… Luckily for me my teacher as assigned us to either create a blog or keep a sketch book. Since I’m terrible at drawing and can’t stand the sight of my own handwriting a blog was my only option.

I hope someone, somewhere, will find this interesting enough to read!

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